Crunch Spray Paint

New colours and Stomper cans out!
Check the Smart Tag ;-)

Kode's Video Footage

Unique, Rson, Def Wish, Astro, Kode & Spice piecing new years eve/new years day 95-96 at Minchinbury, Sydney
SWR, IBS, SK Crews

SCA: Sydney College of the Arts

The Sydney College of the Arts A.K.A Rozelle Uni

Smart @ SCA

Smart and Fatse

Smart on Artcrimes

Its been a while checkout: Artcirmes Featured Artist: Smart
Also new photos on: Artcrimes Australia page 5 here

Something's Rotten...

"This is it, the ultimate Danish Graffitti Video, bringing you you best spary can artists Denamrk has to offer, CMP, Swet, Sabe, Bates, Done..."

Somethinng's Rotten is a Graffitti Video from Denmark, It has a couple of my Smart pieces in it from my 2000 European graffiti tour :-)
Hard to track down, just try get a copy if your a fan of the Danish Graffiti Scene - Word!

Smart @ Mays Lane

Mays Graffiti / Street Art Project
Smart, Elph, Amuze, Phibs, Deb
Check it out at:
9 Mays Lane St. Peters


Smart & Elph

Amuze, Phibs & Deb

Big Time Burnerz Graffiti Magazine

Limited Edition first issue. Produced in Australia in 2002.
Classic Pieces from the international graffiti scene.
This mag focuses on stricktly dope styles, No cheap or cheesey graffiti in here, definately not for the ducks.
Writer special: Swet from Denmark.
Trains from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain.
Fresh Walls from Sydney, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Basel, Hamburg, Olso.
Featuring pieces by: Prins, Unique, Kade, Gane2, Atome, Spice, Dmote, Puzle, Rencs, Dens, Reach, Smart, Loomit, Magic, Razor, Tkid, Can2, Dare, Smash, Dest, Cyde, Toast, Dream, Jazi, Serval, Sabe, Cmp, Bates and lots more!
For Local or International orders, payments can be made by Paypal:
Get it before its too late!

Smart Graffiti T-Shirt Design

Limited Edition - only 50x printed
First printed in 1998 and re-printed in 2007
Available in Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue
Get one before its too late here

Sabotaz80 Canberra Launch


Kews and Smart

Sabotaz80 have launched their spraypaint in Canbrera with a promotional wall painted by Smart and Kews in Canberra city. Wall is painted on bunda street, next to the new Canberra centre extension. You pretty much cant miss it. You can check the colour pigment quality and thickess of the paint by the inspecting the wall.

Smart on Artcrimes

Its was a while ago but still checkout: Artcirmes Featured Artist: Smart here

Also new photos on: Artcrimes Australia page 5 here here

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