My german buddy SME has been dropping some dope stuff as usual here


Here's some photography from my hood in sydney.

Smart @ St.Peters 2009

New wall by Smart and Gonzo at St.Peters, near Mays Lane

Smart rocking german blackletter styles

Gonzo OTK Crew

Check out the newest Berlin based Graffiti website
Theres plenty of classic berlin graffiti from the old days to present. Plus a upload gallery that contains worldwide pics.

Overkill T-Shirt Odem Design

Overkill have just released T-Shirts with their new and old logos

The original Overkill logo was designed by Berlin writer Odem in 1993

Clouded Thoughts #6

New issue is out

Reach WCA new website

Melbourne graffiti writer Reach has been busy painting alot and has a new website and wordpress blog: Reach website

City Circle #2

New issue is out get it here here


New wall in da wild west

Platform 2 Hip Hop Jam

Sydney Hip Hop Jam

Kings only piece by Unique comes 2nd place in the graffiti competition.

Kings Way Book

Melbourne Graffiti Book

History of Melbourne graffiti scene from ealry 80's to mid 90's. here

Ironlak BBQ Burners Sydney 2009

Ironlak BBQ Burners at balmain dome artists that paintied on the day: Reals, Peak, Sytak, Feste, Unique, Brick, Zen, Pudl, Saynt, Shute, Liks, Ken, Mach, Igasm, Uset.

New DaHub Web Store

The Graffiti Website DaHub has just got their new webstore up, jammed packed withthe latest and greatest of Graffiti Art Supplies.

The Grog Squeezer 25 has a revolutionary tip. It is 25mm in diameter and made out of extra strong material which is fit to be used on any writable surface, both rough and smooth.

Due to its soft plastic body, this marker can be squeezed easily allowing perfect control of ink release. The Grog Squeezer 25 contains 100ml of Grog ink! It can be refilled as many times as you want. Available in 6 colours.



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